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Bolstering your visual identity

Logo design, brand identity and website for nittin – a bespoke, hand-crafted cushion cover business. The complete package and not a stitch dropped.

Heather came to us armed with a pair of double pointed needles and a plan to take her hobby to the next level. Throughout the Covid-era she rediscovered her love of knitting and soon found herself buried in brightly coloured cushion covers – so many, in fact, that the only way she could resurface the sea of stitchery was to start a business and begin selling her wares. This is how nittin was born.

Initially, Heather approached us to help her with a new website (we don’t do websites*). She had a simple logo and, for a while, had already been selling her creations at maker’s markets and through private commissions. Things were going well, and the next logical step would be to move into online e-commerce. Thing is, we’d never done an e-commerce site…

Honesty is the best policy, so we explained to Heather that we’d need to look into it. She trusted us completely and allowed us to explore the possibilities.

Honesty is the best policy, so we explained to Heather that we’d need to look into it. She trusted us completely and allowed us to explore the possibilities.

The Brand Identity

You can’t design a website without a visual identity. It would look… well, I don’t even know. So before we started pulling anything together we had to work out what that would look like. Because Heather had been making her cushions for a while now, she was able to give us loads of product photography and shots of her pop-up shop, forming the foundations of her style. Couple this with various coffee afternoons in the studio and we soon began to form a brand personality, straight from the designer-maker herself. We started to see that Heather’s bold, yet laid-back and playful personality was sewn into every one of her cushion covers. We had to capture that with the brand identity.

We spruced up her existing logo, adding a pictorial logo for use across social media and as a design asset, along with a refreshed typewriter typeface – an evolution of her initial word-mark. We developed a colour palette that was colourful, to reflect Heather’s personality, yet soft to complement the home-comfort of her cushions. We introduced a rounded typeface to accompany the logo.

And to finish it off, a set of unique icon design assets, inspired by her signature patterns and shapes. We now had everything we needed to start building the website.

The Website

This was the most challenging website we’d created for two reasons; a) figuring out how e-commerce websites work and 2) working out how on earth we’re going to ultra-simplify the ordering process, as well as showcase that there are LITERALLY THOUSANDS of colour, pattern, and size combinations.

The first one, although time consuming, wasn’t so bad. Thanks Google. Number two, however, was a task. After a lot of consideration, more coffee and a millionaire shortbread each, we settled on five pattern options and squeezed the colour swatches down to 11. Each of the five patterns would be available in three sizes, and would have options to mix and match colours when ordering. That’s 363 options per product – but not even close to scratching the surface of what is possible.

Heather has a myriad of colours to offer and can customise the pattern to any bespoke order. So how do we tell people that? With an inspiration page – a showcase reel where she can display fully bespoke combinations to prompt a discussion about tailoring the design to a customer’s specific needs. The final piece was the addition of a customer portal, giving customers a secure area to access their address lists, previous orders, wish-lists, and account details, and a content management area for Heather to add, edit or remove products as she wished.

We produced product photography to flesh out the product pages, brand guidelines to help steer the project forwards, proofing templates to help with the ordering process, along with printed material for packaging. A complete package. We thoroughly enjoyed working with Heather and had a lot of fun bringing her nittin brand to life.

"Solt spent time with me and interpreted my thoughts and personality so well, producing an amazing website which I am more than pleased with." Heather Davies

*Right. We know we keep banging on about not doing websites. We’ve nothing against them, it’s just that we don’t specialise in them. There are loads of people out there that do and they should be the ones making them (in our opinion). That said, if we feel we can help someone out by throwing something together, then throw something together we shall! Phew!


I think trust is the main takeaway here. Trusting your designer’s creative process and allowing creatives time to stretch their skillset. Meet Heather and you’ll likely agree that she’s a breath of fresh air, but most importantly to us she offered patience to the process. Quite possibly the same patience she gives to each of her neatly knitted covers.

Need a website? Go to the professionals. We know a few, so Talk to us if you need help working out which option is best for you.


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