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The other stuff

Jack of all trades, masters of some – we’ve talked about three areas we’re most passionate about but that’s not the extent of what we can offer. 


More than fifteen years’ experience prior to the foundation of Solt, working at marketing agencies and alongside marketing departments, brings an adept understanding of the fundamentals of marketing. We believe that a good brand strategy goes hand in hand with your marketing, and that you can’t roll out the strategy without a consideration for the latter. For smaller businesses without a marketing department we’re more than happy to offer guidance, and for businesses that do, we’re huge fans of collaboration.


As creatives it’s in our very nature to inject creative thinking into every project we turn our hand to. Similarly to the above, we’ve also built the fundamentals of advertising into our skillset, whether that’s through traditional print methods or for digital campaigns. 

Our collective talents

Logo design | Packaging | Brochures | Stationery | Exhibitions | Social media assets | Web assets | Merchandise | Print advertising | Branding | Marketing | Advertising 

Finally, we take pride in not saying ‘yes’ to everything. If you need something that we know can be better fulfilled by another agency, then we’ll gladly collaborate with them to achieve the best outcome. Here’s what our friends do: 


  • • Video production and editing 

  • • Animation 

  • • Website building and design 

  • • Social Media management 

  • • Photography 

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